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What We Do

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 Practical, Social and Emotional Support

Team Jak Foundation provides practical, social and emotional support to children and young people age 0-25 with cancer and related illnesses, their family, friends and those bereaved.

To access any of our support, or for more details…


Practical Support


Practical Support

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Lifts to appointments & Jak’s Den

If you are struggling to get to an appointment or would like company for it, or come to Jak’s Den, we will, where at all possible, endeavour to come with you or arrange a lift (this may not always be possible but we will try our best).

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Help with shopping, house cleaning, ironing & garden

We know how hard it can be to complete simple tasks when caring for your child with cancer. Our volunteers are on hand to help with any job you are finding hard to get around to. Just contact us and we will do our best to help.


Birthday & Christmas presents

All of our registered children and siblings receive a gift on their birthday and at Christmas up to the age of 25. If you are interested, and are not registered, please contact us for an online form.

Jak’s Sacks & Vouchers on diagnosis, relapse & occasions

If you are newly registered you will receive a Jak’s sack for your warrior child and Sibling Sacks for any siblings, and if your warrior sadly relapses or there are other occasions we often send hampers and gifts to cheer you all up.


Tutoring and Homework as required

Team Jak recognise how difficult it is to keep up with schoolwork when your child is ill, both for your warrior and siblings. We are fortunate to have teachers on our staff and also links with others who are willing to help support your child and their school if required.

Hospital Outreach

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Edinburgh Children’s Hospital

  • Scotmid Vouchers – given on diagnosis and invitation to register for Team Jak distributed by CLIC Social Worker.

  • Snacks and Drinks – available day and night from the nurses on Ward 2 (if you are on another ward ask your oncology nurse to bring some to you).

  • Party Buffets & Goodies – Halloween, Christmas, Easter food and goodies provided to Ward 2 and other items at the request of the ward including arts and craft materials.

  • Advent Calendars and Christmas Trees – Jak loved Christmas, and the year he was on the ward his room looked like Santa’s Grotto. As a result, Team Jak vowed to ensure no child misses out on Christmas because they have cancer on the ward. We provide Advent Calendars and trees with decorations and lights for every room.

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  • Rainbow Cart – Team Jak provide a Rainbow Cart for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital to make the children’s rooms a little more homely when they are sadly going to pass in hospital. This consists of items such as themed duvets, lights, cushions, snacks and a coffee machine. It just makes this sad time a little easier and brighter for the child and family.

  • Other items on request.

Glasgow Children’s Hospital

  • Snacks and goodies – available day and night from the nurses.

  • Fortnightly visits from our Music Therapist, Anna

  • Gifts at Easter and Christmas

  • Jak’s Sacks – available on registration, please contact us to request them

  • Other items requested by the ward


Teenage Cancer Trust Unit, Western, Edinburgh

  • Jaks Sacks – on request

  • Referrals to counselling – on request

  • Invitations to Team Jak events

  • Other items requested by the ward


Aberdeen Children’s Hospital

  • Arranged visits to families known to Team Jak by Co-ordinators

  • Jak’s Sacks – on request to CLIC Social Worker

  • Music Therapy – on request

  • Other items requested by the ward


Social Support

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Social Support

Drop-In Sessions from Jak’s Den

Free play for children with art and craft activities, story time on hand at all times, tea and coffee for parents.

Under 5s’ Fun

Sing and Story time sessions for our families going through this journey offer opportunities for children who can’t get to nursery for fear of infection come along and spend time with other wee ones their age and socialise in a safe environment.


Coffee Mornings

Coffee and cake for parents/grandparents and playtime for little ones during school hours.

Teen Sessions

This age can be tricky for healthy teens, but for a child diagnosed with cancer these years can be even more isolating.

Team Jak have a lovely group of teens who go to various events outwith Jaks Den including Escape Rooms, Go-karting and Bowling and when our new Den opens in June will have their own bespoke area full of air hockey, table football and darts along with gaming stations to help them chill and spend time with others going through their journey and they can bring their friends along to chill too.

Warrior Days

Age-related activity days within Jak’s Den and trips out to support our young people with cancer including trip to Dynamic Earth, Fifa tournament, Pamper day- all activities which encourage socialisation with others the same age going through a cancer journey.

Mums’ Days

Variety of sessions and events to get mums, grans, aunties and carers together with others travelling this journey where they can widen their circle and spend time with other mums who just “get it”.

Some of our activities to date have included pamper sessions, afternoon tea, lamp making, cake decorating.

Super Sib Days

Age-related activity days within Jak’s Den and trips out to support our super siblings  including trip to Dynamic Earth, Fifa tournament, Pamper day- all activities which encourage socialisation with other siblings going through the journey.

Dads’ Sessions

Our supercool Dads, Grandads, uncles and male carers need support just as much as our Mums and we try to ensure they have as many opportunities to socialise and share with each other as possible.

Our Dads have been sedgway racing, golfing, clay pigeon shooting and go-karting to name a few and always feel the benefit of just being with other men who “get it” also.

Grandparents’ Days

Afternoon Tea, Bingo, Dominoes and more are the way we engage our “older” generation of our families.

Our grandparents are a very important part of our Team Jak family and are often the ones who are the backbone of the family on their journey not only supporting the warrior and siblings, but also being there for their own children – the parents of the superhero warrior.

This can be hard and to have somewhere they can turn and come along to with the family, or own their own to their own events and share with other grandparents in the same position can be so beneficial for everyone. 

Outdoor Events

We have now enjoyed a number of trips to local parks taking along a picnic and enjoying outdoor games and treasure hunts and plan lots more over summer including a trip to Muddy Boots in Fife and a fun day at the Beach for all.


Emotional Support

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Counselling – Children and Parents

Sometimes people need a bit more support to deal with how they feel or what stage of the cancer journey they are on and Team Jak recognises the need to provide more in depth support when required.

We have a number of inspirational sessional counsellors -all fully qualified, experienced and registered, who visit the Den to support some of our parents and young people who need a wee bit more structured support to deal with their journey.

Parents can self-refer or a school or hospital can get in touch if they feel this is something we can help with.

Music Therapy

Music is the key to so much in life and can turn a persons life around very quickly. Our fabulous music therapists are on hand to provide more specialised support again if your child needs a little more.

We offer 50 minute sessions within Jak’s Den through Anna, who also visits Glasgow Schiehallion ward regularly to provide support for our families in hospital.

Emmeline our Aberdeen Music Therapist also offers 1:1 support at home in Aberdeen and group support through TJAM monthly sessions. Emmeline can also visit your child in hospital if required.

Parents can self-refer their child to this service through our Family Coordinators.

Play Therapy

Our child counsellor uses a variety of techniques to help our children in counselling including play therapy and sometimes sand and art therapy.

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Bag of Worries Support Group

This is Team Jak’s group and 1:1 bespoke support using our Worry Monster, Worry Bag and book to help our children – warriors and siblings to express their worries within a safe environment and help them feel less anxious about the journey their family are on.

Children can then be referred on to other support including counselling and music therapy if they and we feel this is suitable as a result of this support.

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Super Sib Support Group

Activities for Siblings which help them come together and have fun with other children who have siblings with cancer with a little thought for the session to help ease their journey and let them know they are not alone.

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Super Hero Warrior Support Group

Activities tailored to the children within the group that they may not be able to take part in within public places for fear of infection.

Closed Facebook Group

Jak’s Denners group for parents/carers of children and young people with cancer to offer support to each other and keep in touch with activities on offer at Jak’s Den. Request to join here.

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Parent Support Sessions

Sessions with Coordinators with guest speakers at parents request to help with coping strategies and practical aspects of the childhood cancer journey.   

Mindfulness Sessions, Group and One-to-one

Bespoke sessions for our parents and carers on mindfulness and relaxation with our guest tutor.

Seasons for Growth

Bespoke group for children going through change and loss. Groups can be arranged within Jak’s Den or in school at a schools request.

These groups have been run in a number of local schools by our trained and accredited staff.

Palliative and Bereavement Support - memory bears.jpg

Palliative & Bereavement Support

Support from palliative diagnosis in the form of 1:1 emotional and family support, practical support if required.

Counselling if required on bereavement and support groups for parents and siblings.

Memory Bear voucher for family.

Rainbow Cart in hospital.

Home Outreach Support

Visit Families at Home

When a child is unable to attend a Jak’s Den one of our Coordinators and volunteers can come and visit and bring some goodies and cake and spend some time with you having fun, reading stories, singing songs and playing instruments or making craft items while Mum or Dad have a coffee and chat too.

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Help With Homework

One of our staff who is a qualified teacher will come to your house and help with any schoolwork needing completed.

Phone Support

Phone support for anyone living too far to come to Jak’s Den activities but would like a chat with someone who understands.