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Our Jak’s Denners Families Day was a huge success!

This was the first time we have been able to do this and it worked beautifully.
Our parents went for lunch in a local restaurant hosted by our wonderful Lead Coordinator Valerie and our fabulous kids stayed at the Den and had a Greatest Showman themed Obstacle Course and then Dominos Pizza and goodies and then they made lanterns with Aimie and played in our Media Zone, got their nails painted and make up done by the lovely Sonya and her daughter Brooke, painted beautiful ceramic money boxes, drew on our whiteboard and generally had a fantastic time.
The parents returned happy and collected their happy kids.
This day was very very special. It was exactly what Jak wanted and exactly what our families needed.
Our new Den will give us so many more opportunities to be able to do this more often and we are very excited that work is now underway…..we are hoping that we will definitely be in by the end of the year!
Very exciting times for Team Jak easing the journey and creating smiles.
At the event two different people told us about how they have been collecting loose change and how it has mounted up very quickly.
We have little collecting boxes that we would be delighted to send to you or please feel free to pop into Jaks Den and collect as every single penny literally counts.
One of our volunteers thought they only had £2 on theirs of small change and it turned out it was actually £8.90!
£8.90 would pay for one child’s fun day today including pizza juice snacks and crafts!
Please get in touch if you’d like us to send you a box.
Also a masssssive thank you to all our awesome volunteers today- we wanted to make sure we had enough ratio to kids and we were inundated with our fully disclosed volunteers which we were so so grateful for.
Grateful thanks to the following people for making this event happen-
Hazel, Valerie, Dominos Livingston, Oscars Livingston, Abby, Eloise, Sibghah, Amanda, Hannah, Aaron, Judith, Hazel, Dot, Luise, Aimie, Susan, Sonya and Brooke and everyone else who helped make today possible.⭐️💙

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